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The digital workplace of the future can be reached from everywhere

  • Consulting
  • Technical conception
  • Short release cycles
  • Agile development
  • Certified project management

Intranet & Extranet applications based on content management system basis

Decentralized data and knowledge exchange for companies

Accelerate enterprise communications while providing a foundation to help companies stay in control. Intranet and Extranet applications serve as the interface of corporate communications due to the centralized provision of the administration of internal company data and applications.

Digital Transformation

Companies must recognize opportunities, make use of potential and increase speed, flexibility and productivity. This is only possible if the topic of digitization is holistically controlled.

Change Management

Implement cross-divisional strategies and processes. Business models are changing and modern technologies are having far-reaching competitive effects on the industry and your business.

Sustainable infrastructures

Control digital transformation, simplify communication and recognize the Digital Workplace as the knowledge base and marketing tool of the future. As a company, secure these competitive advantages.

A digital workplace offers numerous benefits to organizations, especially when supported by intranet and extranet applications. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  1. Improved collaboration: By deploying intranet and extranet applications, employees can collaborate more easily by sharing information and resources and accessing important documents faster.

  2. Increasing efficiency: A digital workplace can improve employee efficiency by freeing them from time-consuming manual processes and enabling automated workflows.

  3. Increased flexibility: With a digital workplace, employees can work from anywhere, increasing flexibility and enabling a better work-life balance.

  4. Increased data security: By centralizing information management and controlling access, organizations can increase data security and reduce the risk of data loss and leakage.

Browserwerk is an excellent partner for the implementation of intranet and extranet applications.  We have extensive experience in the development of digital workplaces. Browserwerk works with cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies and has a proven track record in implementing projects for a wide range of companies. Browserwerk understands clients' needs and works closely with them to develop solutions tailored to their specific requirements. The company also provides comprehensive support and maintenance for the implemented solutions to ensure that they run smoothly and provide clients with a high ROI.

Conceptualization & Implementation of complex digitization strategies

Browserwerk GmbH provides companies with individual digitization concepts and solutions. It forms the central interface for brand communication, customer data collection and administration in digital projects. The internet agency specializes in open source enterprise applications. Agile processes according to Scrum & Kanban lead to a fast implementation, a maximum of communication and know-how during the implementation of the project.

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