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Your customers know what they want. Take advantage of this knowledge.

  • Objective targeting
  • Definition of the to be collected data
  • Data collection through tracking
  • Analysis of the website data
  • Development of goal-oriented strategies

Analyzing website data is simple if you recognize the relevant information.

As Data & Analytics agency we are responsible for the collection and processing of relevant data of your Enterprise Content Management System. By using a variety of analysis tools, the customer journey of your potential and existing customers is analyzed. With the right strategy, you can reach your users at the right touchpoints and take them to your desired destination.




Data collection

Tracking tools form the basis of data collection. However, unstructured approaches usually do not just capture and aggregate relevant data, but list a multitude of data sets that are fundamentally unimportant to your business goals. We align the data collection according to your KPIs.

Data mining

Are you aware of which data is crucial for the success of your website? The key is to structure and systematize the datasets, which are considered critical based on your KPIs. The data is brought together efficiently on a single platform to ensure the derivation of recommended actions.


Analysis of your website visitors behavior provides information about the UX and the quality of your website. Through analysis and the resulting development of efficient marketing strategies, measures are taken to optimize your corporate website. This improves the UX and thus your performance.

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Acquisition, structuring, analysis and optimization of large amounts of data. Our analysis specialists work out strategies tailored exactly to your KPIs to increase the efficiency of your website.

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Data as the foundation for your success

How is data collected?

The collection of website data can be done by a variety of techniques. The use of selected tracking tools allows us to structure large amounts of data and analyze them for possible optimization potential. As a certified Google Partner agency, we identify key KPIs and use them to create action for your ECMS. Does your current data add value to your business? Our analysis specialists, like to take a first, independent look at the quality of your data collection.

From analysis, to conversion, to customer loyalty

The success of a corporate website depends very much on the user-friendliness and structure. For owners of an enterprise content management system, the build-up usually seems more structured than it really is because they are familiar with the page. However, the worse new users find their way around your site, the higher the bounce rate will ultimately be. We examine these and many other important factors for potential for improvement and work with you to develop a strategy for optimizing your touchpoints and thus the customer journey in order to retain your customers for the long term.


Strategies for your enterprise content management system

  • Detailed analysis of your KPIs
  • Collection of relevant data through tracking tools
  • Analysis of the collected data
  • Development of strategic measures
  • Evaluation & Monitoring of actions taken


Unmistakable values. Transparent communication.

All strategies and measures are agreed in cooperation with you in order to define and pursue a common goal. Special commitment and close customer contact ensure an efficient way of working. Only in this way can qualitative results be guaranteed. A jointly developed concept and strategic procedures ensure the ideal further development of your corporate website.

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