28 August 2019

E-recruiting with TYPO3: How to get listed in Google Jobs with structured data

The War of Talents is in full swing and e-recruiting is playing an increasingly important role in many HR departments. The American search engine company Google has also recognized this and officially rolled out its new service "Google Jobs" in Germany in 2019.

For quite some time now, Google has tended to display more and more semantic search queries directly in the search results (position 0) with the help of structured data. The result is lower click rates on the actual SERPs and thus a loss of visitors on your own website.

Use the potential of Structured Data in TYPO3 to be displayed (not only) in Google Jobs

Thanks to its open code infrastructure, TYPO3 offers the best prerequisites for being configured in such a way that Google automatically crawls the contents of the corresponding job offers and displays them in the jobs promptly. However, this requires some technical requirements and adaptations on the part of the enterprise CMS.

  1. Use of a corresponding extension to manage content for jobs
  2. Implementation of structured data according to Google guidelines (https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/job-posting#guidelines)
  3. Adaptation of sitemaps and corresponding handling for jobs that have already been assigned

To test if your website already contains structured data, Google offers a test tool. At https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/?hl=de you can enter the URL of the job and the result will be displayed.

By the way: Not only Google works on the basis of this data. Job portals such as LinkedIn, XING, etc. also safely handle the information and the jobs also appear here if they are set up correctly. This saves personnel costs for advertising space and the process for providing job advertisements is automated to a large extent.

Do you have questions about Google Jobs and structured data in TYPO3 or would you like to find out more about an implementation? Talk to us. We have already helped our clients in numerous projects to optimize their recruiting process.


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