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How much does e-commerce cost?

Counter question: What does it cost to build a house? In what location should the house be, should the house be one-storied, two storied or even a villa? Are there standardized elements or is the construction a complete in-house development? On the basis of this question, you can see that it is only a matter of defining processes and creating a schematic process for the potential shop owner. Simple e-commerce systems start in the lower four-digit range. However, more complex online shop solutions can quickly reach a six-figure budget, especially when it comes to implementing existing merchandise management systems or other interfaces in the system.

Why online shops are not an one-time investment

Many online shops run on outdated software versions and are therefore not adequately protected against attacks on the Internet. You would not leave your shop in the city center well lit with an open door in the evening. Online shops often have critical vulnerabilities in non-updated versions. Even if you can't get real goods stolen from the Internet in the majority of cases, not keeping your shop up to date makes it easy to steal customer and payment data. Under certain circumtances, this can lead to complete data loss of yor online shop and render it useless.

You have to count with the following costs as an online shop operator

  •  Installation & configuration of the shop system
  •  Paid modules
  •  Individual design
  •  Cost for web space & domains
  •  Cost of security updates
  •  Care of the shop
  •  Possibly import of Excel lists
  •  Newsletter configuration
  •  Establishment of payment systems
  •  Establishment of shipping methods

Possibly installation & configuration of special modules

An online shop is not a one-time investment, but requires regular support. Through updates, new features or performance optimizations are usually added to a shop software, so that they also bring security updates. In addition, updating your online store in many cases also allows you to extend the unfionality with new plug-ins and modules.

Our team takes care of the technology so that you have more financial planning security and time for your customers and the important things in your daily business.

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