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Consulting & Conception with agile recipe for success in web projects

  • Consulting
  • Technical conception
  • Short release cycles
  • Agile development
  • Certified project management

Consulting & technical conception of agile Enterprise Content Management projects 

Agil beats waterfall in every way

Browserwerk's approach is to understand requirements and relationships as early as possible, thus delivering fast and targeted results. As digital co-pilots, we guarantee flexible projects through agile development. The advantages are obvious: Faster Time to Market and optimal implementation of change requests at any time.





Analysis of the requirement

Workshops serve as the first point of contact to bring stakeholders and stakeholders alike on a common level and to avoid complications during the project period. This is how all project participants work from the beginning.

Waterfall vs. agile development

Software in the enterprise segment is becoming increasingly complex. In order to precisely meet the later requirements, we work agile. The significant advantage over waterfall models is lower cost and customized software.

Implementation of web projects

Based on earlier findings from the analysis of your web presence, Browserwerk develops visible and recognizable results in record time. In subsequent iterations, additional features are implemented quickly and the software comes to life.

Conceptualization & Implementation of complex digitization strategies

Browserwerk GmbH provides companies with individual digitization concepts and solutions. It forms the central interface for brand communication, customer data collection and administration in digital projects. The internet agency Browserwerk specializes in open source enterprise content management systems. Agile processes according to Scrum & Kanban lead to a fast implementation, a maximum of communication and know-how during the implementation of the project.

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Workshops, digital concepts & imsetzung optimized for enterprise needs

By sharing issues from different perspectives, customers become partners. For customers, Browserwerk is the innovative Internet agency, idea driver and reliable partner. The highest degree of transparency during the conception and the entire project phase are a matter of course.

Companies often rely on custom web-based software solutions, content management systems or e-commece solutions. Well thought-out solutions save time and money. Customers recieve sustainable B2B solutions from consulting to implementation.

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