Content Marketing

We convince your target group with relevant content

  • Audience definition
  • Target objectives
  • Strategy objectives
  • Content generation
  • Analysis & evaluation

Customer acquisition through content marketing

As a content marketing agency we are responsible for the external communication of your business philosophy. By analyzing your business goals and associated KPIs, we create optimized text content for your audiences.

Optimizing keywords

Too little keyword density and irrelevant content will degrade the quality of your product. We create keyword optimized content for you to bring your brand closer to your customers.

Acquire new customers

The correct approach of the customer is crucial. Through close cooperation with your company, our team develops targeted content for you to increase your visitor numbers.

Optimize conversions

A misunderstood product and misleading text content reduces the chance of closing a deal.
Is your content understandable and, above all, useful for your target audience?

Content marketing 
as your strategy

We create search engine optimized contents for your enterprise content management system. Our content marketing specialists like to throw a first, independent look at your website content.

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Content marketing agency from Wiesbaden

What does content marketing mean?

The field of content marketing is generally creating relevant text content. Here, the majority focuses solely on the text content of the website. However, content marketing does not only refer to your own website but also considers many other aspects. This includes on the one hand the appearance in the social media. On the other hand SEO include optimized blog posts in the area of ​​content marketing. These are not only used on their own website, but also on public portals. Furthermore, press releases are always a good way to generate leads.

What we offer to satisfy you and your customers

  • Detailed analysis of your target group
  • Development of relevant keywords
  • Strategy development
  • Creation of SEO optimized text content
  • Optimization of existing content
  • Content marketing in the area of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Co.
  • Creation of blog posts

That makes us. Objective, communication, performance.

Our many years of experience in the field of online marketing form the basis for a detailed analysis, by which we can provide you with accurate information about the current quality of your text content. Based on these analyzes, our content marketing specialists develop targeted content that is tailored to your target group. It is especially important that the text content is not only SEO optimized, but also includes interesting topics for your website visitors.