18 Februar 2014

Offpage Optimization: The Backlink Assembly

Manual backlink assembly construction for companies means work. Today we present you a powerful free tool that allows you to analyze your competitors' backlinks as well as your own and build them piece by piece, which will ultimately help you to a better ranking. We explain to you the most important procedures of backline-buying and what you should pay attention to in order to achieve better positions in the search results in the long run. Sometimes, however, this cannot always be done 100%.

For search engine optimization there are countless factors that ultimately determine the ranking of a website. These are basically divided into "Onpage and Offpage" measures. In a nutshell, this means that the Onpage Optimization deals with all factors on your own website and the Offpage Optimization deals with all "external factors" and influences - such as incoming links.

An important of these external factors is the so-called link structure. The backlink-structure is all about having as many valuable external links as possible refer to your own site in a natural way. In this case "natural" means that you do not build 5000 links automatically in one day and never again afterwards, but rather a regular number of links per day and this process will last a while. Especially with smaller companies, we notice again and again that they still cope quite well with the onpage optimization, but lose the overview and fail miserably with the backlink-optimization.

The Backlinkchecker that we want to present here can be found at www.openlinkprofiler.org and is incredibly extensive for a free tool. In addition to the number of links, it also shows the values for the "no-follow" ratio, when the last link was recognized, from which industry the page most likely comes and the "Link Influence Score", which indicates how influential the incoming links are overall. The higher the value, the stronger and more attractive the link.

In our example we have taken a very strong page. So don't be disappointed if your values are slightly lower. If you want to optimize your website for a certain business area, first of all indicate your competitors in addition to your own page and compare the values. Then look where the competition gets your "strong" links from and check whether you can leave a link there, e.g. a comment, a forum post or an entry in yellow pages, etc. There are innumerable pages on the net that enable you to communicate and build links.

Sort the list according to the LIS-indicator and check the pages and the possibility to leave a backlink there. But please don't start spreading wild, unprofessional comments. In very few cases they will be activated and the time was wasted. The most valuable links are those that fit thematically to your own website and thus represent a certain relevance in the environment of your site.

Make a realistic goal of how many backlinks you set per day or regularly and check your rankings weekly with one tool such as the free WebmasterTools from Google.

There are still some other free Backlinkchecker in the Internet like bswp. seokicks.de, which are however by far not so extensive. Currently, the openlinkprofiler is an open beta. How long this is still the case, we do not know. And should you ever come to a point where you no longer know what to do, the SEO specialists at the Internet agency BROWSERWERK will be happy to help you.

Have fun linking and setting up backlinks!

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