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TYPO3 webdesign & web development from the state capital Wiesbaden

  • Agile project management
  • Analysis & Planning of complex TYPO3 projects
  • Seminars, training & workshops
  • TYPO3 extension development
  • Marketing & Communication strategies

TYPO3 Agentur aus Wiesbaden

As a TYPO3 agency, Browserwerk develops powerful TYPO3 systems directly in the state capital of Wiesbaden. In TYPO3, existing components such as CRM, ERP software or general interfaces (APIs) can be easily integrated with the corresponding workflow in TYPO3. Renowned companies already rely on the TYPO3 solutions from Browserwerk. Short project times and a fast time-to-market characterize us as a TYPO3 agency.

You grow - TYPO3 grows with you

You can not say what the future holds. What you can say is that no matter how your business changes or grows, TYPO3 will always be able to change and grow with you.

Digital Asset Management

Store and manage any digital content and media files such as graphics, videos, music files and text modules in TYPO3. Collaborative and effective work.

Open Source Enterprise CMS

TYPO3 is enterprise open source software. This means that the software is available to you free of charge. It has always been like this, it is like that, and it will stay that way.

Digital experts for open source web applications




Making things better in a Digital World

The difference between being present and listening closely? Charisma. Creating and maintaining digital values ​​together. With modern methods, we inspire more digital growth. Browserwerk provides companies with eye-level consulting and individual web and e-commerce applications. The agile processes according to Scrum & Kanban lead to a fast implementation and a maximum of communication during the whole project duration.

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Our references as TYPO3 agency

Together we are strong. As a company. As a brand. As heroes of everyday digital life.

German Lufthansa AG | Coach database for digital transformation

Based on TYPO3, Browserwerk has developed a portal for coaches and consultants with the help of which suitable experts can be found from a corresponding database by hand. The focus was on the adaptation of analogue processes to digital transformation.


NASPA Immobilien GmbH | Enterprise portal for real estate management

Common software does not always cover a company's needs. Find out how Browserwerk helped NASPA Immobilien GmbH to optimize internal and external processes - from the care of real estate through to distribution in branches and relevant platforms.


VAN HEES GmbH | 8 languages. 59 locations. One system.

They know how: For the traditional and globally operating medium-sized enterprise Browserwerk developed the multilingual content management system with TYPO3. The focus of the international website was on user roles for editors, e-recruiting in the form of a job extension and the optimized presentation and management of the products.


Degussa Bank AG | Added value through practiced agility and automated testing

By sharing issues, customers become long-term partners. Browserwerk supports Degussa Bank AG in breaking agile corporate structures and thus delivering better products - in this case the example of the current landing page campaign.


Our services as a TYPO3 agency

Planning, creationg and implementation of TYPO3 projects - full service TYPO3 in the service of our customers: as one of the most experienced TYPO3 service providers from Wiesbaden, it is important for us to be able to provide our customers with tailor-made all-round support. Search engine-optimized and technically flawless TYPO3 systems are one of the most important points for us as a TYPO3 agency when it comes to successfully keeping projects up and running even after launch.

  • TYPO3 consulting
  • Workshops
  • TYPO3 extension development with Extbase & Fluid
  • TYPO3 support
  • Upgrade / Migration of TYPO3 extensions
  • Search Engine Optimization & Performance Marketing


Browserwerk develops individual corporate websites and enterprise open source projects. Conception, consultation and implementation of tailor-made online and intranet solutions are part of the agency's core business. Short project times and fast release cycles play a decisive role here. The agency supports medium-sized and globally operating companies throughout Europe in the digitization of business processes. Agile working methods and best practices are used in the projects. By sharing issues from different angles, customers become long-term partners.



Trust creates values. Values create trust.

These customers already trust us:

Your advantages of TYPO3 as Content Management System

  •  Maximum usability even with complex structures
  •  TYPO3 is one of the most powerful open-source-CMS
  •  TYPO3 is an Enterprise Web Content Management System
  •  The extensibility of TYPO3 is almost unlimited
  •  TYPO3 offers over 6000 stables modules
  •  Responsive design for all devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones
  •  TYPO3 is search engine optimized

Why you should opt for TYPO3 with us

As TYPO3 agency from Wiesbaden, we are always ready for use on-site for our customers. We are your competent partner when it comes to expanding TYPO3 extensions and templates or creating them completely independent if needed. In a first needs analysis according to a proven scheme, we work together to find out what our customers really need. By looking closely at all eventualities, we have a much faster time-to-market than other TYPO3 agencies. Our developers and project managers are individually tailored to the needs of all customers and plan hardware and software architecture specifically to meet the performance and usability needs of our customers' content management systems.
The Browserwerk GmbH is active as a TYPO3 agency from Wiesbaden for national and international customers in the field of TYPO3 services. By looking at the issues from different perspectives together, customers have become partners in the past. In the last few years, we have been able to successfully expand our position as one of the most recognized TYPO3 agencies in Wiesbaden. Our goal is to grow strategically as a TYPO3 agency together with our customers - so ask us for your individual TYPO3 solution.

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